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Meet Duane

Duane Martinz is a keynote speaker and trainer whose philosophy life is a gift to be enjoyed, not a sentence to serve, influence’s others to think big and live bigger.  He believes that every individual should write their own story of success, but to achieve desired results, one must approach each day with confidence and intention. 


An energetic and endearing storyteller, Duane naturally captures his audience’s attention through relatable life events and humor. His passionate message keeps attendees entertained, inspired and engaged.  


His credentials include a BA degree in Mass Communication and Public Information from the Montana State University as well as advanced certification from Toastmasters International.   Duane is also a life-long student of excellence; he encourages others to actively participate in their own self-development in order to reach their goals.


He is a devoted husband and father of two sons, and enjoys living a simple, yet abundant life in small town USA where many of his relatable anecdotes are inspired by his own family, background and community. 


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 “Duane is awesome! I just have a sense that Duane is a guy who is going to take his message and make a difference in the world. Watch for him. He’s going to be happening!” 

— Judy Carter, Best-Selling Author, 

The Comedy Bible and The Message of You 


Learning from one of my speaking heroes, Zig Ziglar

Featured Programs

Keynote Speaker

Book Duane Martinz to Speak at Your Next Event.


When it comes to choosing a professional speaker for your next event, you will find no one more respected, genuine, and successful than Duane Martinz. An energetic and endearing storyteller, Duane naturally captures his audience’s attention through relatable life events and humor. His passionate message keeps attendees entertained, inspired, and engaged.

Duane is clearly a master in his delivery. He has the seasoned ability to know your audience and then customize an approach to connect with the listener. Duane Martinz crafts humor into his presentations with ease, capturing the audience’s attention to convey his underlying message. Attendees provide rave reviews on his performance. Duane’s approach to preparing and presenting is truly a benefit to everyone in attendance.

Duane Martinz comes highly recommended for any organization looking for a professional speaker to deliver a message of change, leadership, and inspiration. Duane’s passion and commitment to providing organizations with an outstanding presentation will be a benefit for your group.

To learn more about Duane Martinz and to find out if he is available for your next meeting, visit his site at the address below. Contact him by phone or email.


Certified World Class Speaking Coach

Do you want to take your presentation to the next level? Hire Duane Martinz to be your speaking coach!

Duane Martinz is a certified World Class Speaking coach with a proven system to help you master the art of public speaking. Duane will help you make your presentation memorable. By working with Duane, you will learn how to:

structure a speech

develop content that keeps your audience thirsting for more

open and close your presentation with impact

learn how to transition from point to point with ease


Duane will guide you through the “Create your World Class Speech” structure model and the five-piece PARTS formula for creating compelling content. Together, you and Duane will create a message that sticks in the minds and hearts of your audience.

Call or email Duane for a complimentary consultation on how he can best help you.


Featured Book



When you embark on this championship season journey with Duane, you will finally discover how to:

  • Live life to the fullest
  • Not die with your music still in you
  • Surround yourself with greatness
  • Have an attitude of gratitude
  • Trust yourself
  • Become an uncommon leader
  • Do the right thing
  • Direct your outcome
  • Overcome your fears

After reading this book, you’ll join Duane in being a reverse paranoid—someone who believes the universe is conspiring to bring about good in your life. And once you become your own champion, you’ll discover that no doors are barred against you. Opportunity is knocking and you just need to open that door to experience life to the fullest, and it all begins with reading this book.


Staying Inspired

There is a definite process for staying inspired!

Once you learn the process, you will have doors open for you that you never knew existed. Listen in as Duane speaks to an audience of 1200 attendees being inspired at Montana State University.

The results are worth the effort. You will pick up several tools and tips to help you stay inspired. You will definately learn, laugh, and grow! 


""Inspirational ,funny, genuine, and just plain awesome."

Kathy Ullman

"Duane is clearly a master in his delivery. Attendee's provide rave reviews on his performance. Duane's approach to preparing and presenting is truly a benefit to everyone in attendance. "

Craig Bobzien
Forest Supervisor, Black Hills Nation Forest. U.S. Dept or Agriculture (retired)

""Champion your life with with an all-around inspirational man, my accountability partner in my champion journey!" "

Lisa Evans
Professional Speaker Australia

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